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Here is a little information about why we sell Pickleball Paddles:
Once upon a time I bought 2 Pickleball paddles and 2 balls - Cost $120.00
I thought that was rather high especially since I wasn't sure it was a game I would stick with.  As my adult children became interested they too wanted there own paddles, but with the cost of living the $120 was not something they could afford, just to see if they would stay with it.  So my son and I created some wooden ones of our own to share with anyone wanting to learn the game.  Fast Forward.... We created some unique images and began putting them on the wooden paddles.  Soon a few others noticed and wanted there design on a paddle. at least they didn't want to just have an advertizement for a paddle maker.
We worked on creating a grip that would cradle your hand and have a true butt end on it to keep you from sliding off the paddle, then wrapped it with a gamma grip for a Great feeling Paddle Grip.

There is much more to the story .....
but I need I have some new designs I need to work on right now.

Email me at sgarver@cox.net